Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mediterranean Cruise - London to Rome

The first trip of our summer truly was the trip of a lifetime! From May 26 - June 7, Ben and I got to go on a Mediterranean Cruise from London around to Rome.  To say it was INCREDIBLE doesn't even do it justice.  It was such a sweet time for the two of us to have... to reconnect... and make some awesome memories together. 

Before I continue, I have to say how blessed we were that BOTH of our families pitched in to help with Reid.  He had a VERY FUN few weeks with all of the grandparents (pics of that to come in the next post!).  I don't think he even realized we were gone - ha!  I also have to say that I can't begin to post all of our pics - I had to make a whole other Shutterfly book just for this trip.  So, for the purposes of the blog, I'll just hit the highlights of our trips by posting a pic or two from each country we visited along the way.

Here we are about to fly all night from Dallas to New York, then on to London (First Class - whoop!!)

First Stop: London, England (one of our favorite cities to visit!)

A pic of us in the London Eye with Big Ben in the background

We spent two days in London before boarding our ship in Dover, England.  Here is a pic of our boat - The Crystal Serenity (we sailed on Crystal Cruises).  We highly recommend it! 

Heading to the Captain's Dinner the first night aboard the ship.

Second Stop: Bordeaux, France - We loved touring all of the wineries! 

Bordeaux, France

Third Stop: Saint Emilion, France - It was a picturesque medieval village 

Touring more wineries in Southern France

Our next stop was Lisbon, Portugal

Then on to Gibralter, UK

Here we are arriving in Nice, France 

This was one of my favorite spots - Nice, France

Nice, France

Our next destination was Monte Carlo, Monaco (Ben's favorite!) 

The bay in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Outside of The Grand Casino (Monte Carlo)

We had the opportunity to do so many amazing excursions throughout our trip!  One of my favorites was the helicopter ride over Monte Carlo while Ben golfed with some guys. 

Then we spent the day shopping and eating in Saint Paul de Vance, France 

Saint Paul de Vance, France 

And my new FAVORITE spot in the world... Florence, Italy!  I could go back and spend a whole month (or more!) here...

Ben and I in Florence, Italy 

Like I said, this is just a VERY brief snapshot of several places we got to visit.  It was a trip we will never forget!  Happy 10 years of marriage to us!


The Garners said...

AMAZING trip! So glad you were able to go and make such sweet memories!

David and Bethany said...

Your pictures are absolutely STUNNING! What a fantastic way to celebrate your 10th anniversary! Hugs!

Cruise Options said...

Love those images! Thanks for sharing those picturesque and prestige London spots!