Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reid loves "Ady"

...and he has been talking about her ALL. DAY. LONG. Too cute!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hope. Believe. Obey.

If you are in the DFW area, then please DON'T MISS out on the ULTIMATE GIRL'S NIGHT... tonight! I am helping host this under the vision of my dear friends, Bill & Kelli Jones. This will be a wonderful evening and all proceeds go to helping special needs orphans in China.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Happy Place (Wordless Wednesday)

Finally caught up!

That's right... I've finally caught blog-land up with the happenings of the Peterson household from this summer... whew! The only thing I've left out is Reid's 17-month update... but we have his 18-month well check next week, so I'm just going to wait and post an update then. He's changing and growing so quickly - I can't wait to hear what his pediatrician says!

Reid's First Haircut

Last Wednesday, Reid and I headed in for his first haircut... EVER. I know, I know... I waited too long and my poor baby had a mullet... but it just took me forever to be OK with cutting off his little curls.

Here's a BEFORE pic - see the mullet in the back? It's bad... I know.

And the AFTER pic - such a little boy now!

Reid did great at his first haircut! The only melt down we had was when we were leaving... the salon had a Thomas the Train track and table in the play area, so I literally had to drag him away kicking and screaming when it was time to go. Yes, that has been added to his Christmas list. =)

Aunt "NeeNee's" Wedding

July 3, 2010 was a very exciting day for our family - Aunt NeeNee and Uncle Craig FINALLY got married!!! They have been dating since junior high, so to say "FINALLY" is an understatement.. ha! =) (Sidenote... Craig was Neely's date to our wedding almost 9 years ago! And... her new last name is Pedersen... spelled wrong - ha!, but still kinda weird... no??)

It was a beautiful weekend - down to the very last detail. We felt so honored to be part of this momentous day and truly enjoyed every minute of it. I was Neely's Matron of Honor, Ben was an usher, and Reid was her ring bearer. Neely and Craig got married at 2pm at the Robert Carr Chapel on the TCU Campus. Then they had a dinner/dance reception following at the Ashton Depot - it was a complete blast! So many friends and family came out to celebrate with them and I know that all who were there had a great time.

We do not have the professional pictures back from the photographer yet, but here are a few pics that some guests have tagged me in on Facebook. Enjoy!

Love this pic of the three of us!

Here's a pic of the actual wedding - Neely was a stunning bride! And Craig wasn't so bad himself... ;)

Reid with his two new crushes - the flower girls... older women! These two girls and their Mom, Amber, were such a HUGE help with Reid - THANK YOU!

Chillin' outside of the church...

During the reception, we let Reider change out of his penguin suit into something a little more comfortable so that he could properly "shake his booty"... Neely and Craig had a photo booth at the reception with some funny props. Reid had a BLAST with the photo booth glasses as you can see in the next couple of pics...

Neely and the 3 bridesmaids... Kristin, Blaire, and myself.

Reid was telling me all about something during dinner at the reception... cute guy!

...and the Reidster (of course) got jealous when NeeNee was dancing with his Doc...

Mom and I with Dad...

To say all of the fun wore this little man out would be an understatement...

As I said, there will be many more wedding pics to come, but I'm so grateful that our friends have shared these with us so far! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Fun

We have had such a blast this summer with Reider! He is such a water baby (and already "thinks" he can swim on his own), so we spend much of our time in the pool. Here are a few random pics from throughout the summer...

Reid LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside!

Every boy should know how to drink out of a water hose... right??

Pool time

This was at a japanese restaurant for my mother-in-laws bday... Reid was completely fascinated by our dinner being cooked right there at the table.

Sweet baby blowing bubbles... he even says "blow bubbles" =)

Also trying to teach him to float on his back... he still needs help with that one!

So happy!

NRH2O and Chislom Park splash parks are two of his favorites!

With one of his best buds, Keagan DeLaPorte...

When Reider is not outside or in the pool... he would prefer to play his games on the iPhone... ALL. THE. TIME. Smart baby!

The Penguin Suit

On July 3, 2010... Michael Reid will be the ring bearer in Aunt "NeeNee's" wedding. We can't wait! Reid was so proud that he "looked like Daddy"...and strutted around the store telling people "tank you" every time they said how handsome and cute he looked. Melted this Mamma's heart! Here are some pics of the handsome little guy at his tux fitting... too cute! (And yes, we had been in the pool, so please ignore how I look.)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

We spent this past Memorial Day out at my parent's house with a ton of family and friends. We swam all day and grilled out... doesn't get better than that! Here are a few pics from the day:

Reid and I with Aunt "NeeNee" (as he calls her)

Cutest little water baby... and yes, Thomas the Train goes everywhere with us.

Playing in the sandbox with his buddy, Isabella, and her mommy, Jayme

Reid & Isabella

Fun in the pool...

I'm Baaa-aack!

Hello everyone! So...I have been locked out of my blog (and all other google related accounts) due to some lovely hackers. But, rest assured, I am back. And I have so much to catch up on and blog about... sweet Reider is growing so quickly! Here's a preview of what all's to come:

1. Memorial Day
2. Reid & his Tuxedo pics
3. Summer Fun Swim Days
4. Neely's Wedding
5. 17-month update
6. Reid's First Haircut

We've been busy, so get ready for lots of posts by me over the next week!