Wednesday, May 5, 2010

15 Months Old!

On Monday, May 3rd, Michael Reid turned 15 months old - such a little man now! He continues to bring so much joy and love to our entire family... I don't even remember our lives before him!

We just got home a few minutes ago from his well-check and he weighs 24 pounds and is 30 inches tall. Still hanging out in the mid-range percentiles and growing really well. He's gained almost 2 pounds and grown almost 2 inches since his one-year check! Can I slow this down?!? ha!

Developmentally, this past month has been HUGE for Reider... He is completely mobile - walking and running (the toddler "run") EVERYWHERE! He definitely keeps us on our toes! He also loves to climb... EVERYTHING... such a boy! If it were up to him, we would live outside at the park 24-7.

Reid also loves playing with other kids now - especially older ones. It's been really great to watch he and all of his little friends start to interact and play together. He is also adding new words to his vocabulary every week. Here are his words so far:

Pup (puppy)
M's (M&Ms)
puffs (of course!)
Choo Choo (train)

I'm sure there's a few more that I'm missing, but there is never any doubt in our minds what he wants. He's learned how to make himself very clear - haha! We're also starting to work on animal sounds (he currently does tiger, kitty, elephant, and puppy), he can identify certain body parts (nose, eyes, hair, mouth, ear), and we're also working on our friends names. He says Bri (for Brielle)... A (for Ady)... and he hasn't quite mastered Isabella or Grandma and Grandpa... but we're working on it. I'm sure it won't be long!

In regards to eating... we've got ourselves a picky toddler. Most days I think we live off of blueberry muffins, bananas, cheerios and milk. But, whatever... I just keep putting different foods in front of him. =) He also likes animal crackers, puffs, nilla waifers, fruit snacks, M&Ms and french fries... all the REAL healthy stuff... ha. Oh! And let's not forget ice cream... he immediately starts laughing and begging when he sees that. =)

Michael Reid - Mommy and Daddy love you so very much! We can't wait to see what this next month brings!