Sunday, August 26, 2012

When Mom and Dad are away...

...the Reider will definitely play!!!

The hardest part about Ben and I being on our cruise for such a long time was how much we missed our little dude. I mean... WE. MISSED. HIM. As much fun as we were having, we still shed many tears wishing he was with us and hoping he was doing well. (Which he was... he was was more than fine!) We are so blessed to have two wonderful families that help out so much!  He spent half of the time with Grandma & Pops (Ben's parents) and half of the time with KK & Doc (my parents).

All of the grandparents were great at keeping us updated with pictures of our sweet boy - it truly helped! Here are a few from Reid's time with Grandma & Pops...

Having fun by the pool!

Playing at McD's

More swimming, of course! 

While Reid was with KK & Doc, they made a trip down to Corpus Christi to see Aunt NeeNee and Uncle Craig.  It was Reid's first time (that he remembers) to visit the beach.  He LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Aunt NeeNee and Uncle Craig turned him into quite the beach bum. Here are some incredible pics that my great photographer sister took =)

First steps on the beach!

With KK

Playing with Uncle Craig 

Having fun with Aunt NeeNee 

Building (and destroying) sand castles with Doc 

My favorite! 

Playing all day on the beach can really wipe a little guy out!

With Doc and KK 

Again, we can't thank our families enough for all of their help!  Reid loved every second he got to spend with you all.  THANK YOU a million times over!

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