Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reid's 2nd Birthday Party!

WOW... Ben and I can hardly believe that our baby boy is almost TWO! What a pure joy these last two years have been! We decided to celebrate a few weeks early (before the moving craziness set in) with a Thomas the Train birthday party at none other than... McDonald's (Reider's favorite). And I have to say... it was a blast! We kept it small with just family and a few of Reid's little friends, and I think it's safe to say that all the kids had a lot of fun. =)

Here's the birthday boy before the party started while we were setting up... checking out his party hats...

...or eating them...

Reid LOVED all the Thomas decorations and balloons!

And, of course, there was a Thomas the Train cake...

It was a HUGE mistake to show Reid his birthday "happy cake" before the party... he was OBSESSED with eating a piece. We tried to distract him for a little while with air hockey...

...but that didn't last long.

We decided it was his birthday and he could eat cake when he wanted to! So here's Reider... diving into the cake before the party even starts!

I think he liked it =)

With the two loves of my life...

Trying on his party hat as his friends began to arrive...

Let the fun begin! Pictured is Reid, Keagan DeLaPorte (with Siti), Bekah & Grace Wells, and Isabella Higgins (with Jayme)...

Fun with party favors - love these kids so much!

Reider caught sight of the presents that were starting to pile up and wanted to start "opening it"...

Happy Meal time!

The little man eating his favorite food - FRENCH FRIES and DIP!

Pictured: Brielle McDaniel, Bekah Wells, Isabella Higgins, Grace Wells, Reider, and Keagan DeLaPorte

Sweet "Baby Harpers" and Shaun

Aunt NeeNee taking good pictures (which I will post when she is done editing them)

...and round #2 of cake and "ice creamy"

We'll have many more pics to post from Neely as soon as I get the cd... but for now, here's a little video of the Happy Birthday song =)

Reider, Mommy and Daddy love you so very much and are so proud of the little guy you have become! Can't wait to see what this next year holds!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

A picture of Reid and I with my Grandmother (Reid's great-Grandmother)

Christmas #2 - The Peterson Fam

Christmas #2 began bright and early over at Grandma and Pops house on Christmas morning! It was such a wonderful day and we, once again, had a complete blast! Christmas Day included Ben, myself, Reid, Grandma, Pops, Uncle Joe, Aunt Candice, Uncle Jeff, Rob, and Debbie. This Christmas was so much fun to have everyone together since we're all spread out throughout the year. Reid was so proud of himself that he knew everyones names and could say them perfectly =)

Here's a pic of our little fam before the traditional reading of the Christmas Story of Jesus' birth and the present opening began. As you can tell... we look a little tired from putting together a train table all night =)

Reid absolutely COULD NOT WAIT to dive into presents! We were all spoiled way too much and received such nice gifts! There were, of course, more cars, trains, and puzzles for Reider... not to mention new luggage for us all and many other fun things!

Pops and Grandma

Aunt Candice and Uncle Joe

Uncle Jeff


More presents!

Books are one of Reid's favorite things!

The whole family at Christmas dinner (Reid was still napping - we wore the little guy out!)

Here's a great shot of everyone =)

Continuing to play with new toys...

We can't say it enough... we feel so incredibly blessed to have such amazing families! It is a great feeling to know that your child (and us as well) are surrounded by so many people who love them unconditionally. They are all incredible examples of Jesus' love... what more could you ask for?!? Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Christmas #1 - The Floyd Fam

WOW... I am just now getting around to posting our Christmas pictures! Things have been just a tad busy around here for us! The biggest news is that we finally found a house in Little Rock - yay! We close on the 24th of January then are having a little bit of remodel work on it. Once that work is complete, then we will finally be making the big move. So bittersweet, but Reider and I are so ready to see Ben every day again! More updates and pictures coming on our move very soon...

But for now, I'll move on to our wonderful Christmas...

Christmas #1 was spent with my side of the family on Christmas Eve - we had a blast! It was Ben, Reid, myself, Doc, KK, Aunt NeeNee, and Uncle Craig. Is this not the most handsome little man who was SO VERY ready to open presents???

But first... before the present opening... we went to the Candlelight service at my parents church. And, as you can see, Reid has become VERY opinionated on the clothes that he wears and he was none to thrilled at his Christmas sweater I had picked out. These pictures are classic...

Yes, we are most definitely almost two! =)

Aunt NeeNee and Uncle Craig

Ben and I (Reid was still throwing a fit)

After the Christmas Eve service it was finally time to begin opening presents. It was so much fun this year to watch Reid get so excited and wide-eyed! He definitely understood the gift giving this year!

The first present Reider opened was full of "choo-choos"... yes, he is OBSESSED! Here is is trying to carry them all at the same time...

Then we figured it was time to bring out the BIG gift... Reid's new train table!!!

He ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I have never heard the words "choo-choo" so many times in my life! He kept saying "Ho, ho, ho... choo-choos!!!"

Of course, after getting the train table, no other presents really mattered much to Reid... ha!

Reid and KK

More presents

...and back to the choo-choos!

Neely and I with our wedding boquets Mom and Dad had preserved...

The guys with their signed George W. Bush books

Mom and I with our blingin' new watches

It was a wonderful Christmas! We, of course, received way too much and are so very thankful! My favorite new toy has to be my ipad... LOVE IT! =)

After Reider went to bed and all the gifts were open... we began the task of setting up the train table. It only took 3 college grads 3 hours. Wow. (And maybe the wine didn't help!)

Yep... still working... 1am, all the adults were playing with Reider's toys =)

...and the finished product that is providing MANY hours of entertainment for our little man...

We are so very thankful for our wonderful family and the sweet memories that were made! Looking forward to 2011!