Monday, February 7, 2011


My apologies to the Blogosphere for being on hiatus... but in case you haven't heard, DFW was iced over and shut down for the past week. CRAZY weather for Texas! Reid and I camped out at my parent's house for a little bit of company, and we have all been SO GLAD that the roads are better and our nice weather is coming back (for a bit). But on to more important topics...

Many of you know that the first week of February is so very special to our family! The first big event is February 2nd. Ben and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary this year - hard to believe it's been so long! (We didn't actually celebrate considering we were both in two different states, but we are taking a week-long adult-only vacation the first week of March, so we are looking very forward to that.) I love that man more every day and am so thankful to walk through this life with him!

Then... on February 3rd... Reider turned the big T-W-O!!! We obviously already had his birthday party... and despite the icy weather, we still had a great day! We made a chocolate "Happy Cake" (as Reid calls it) that he REFUSED to share with any of us. We all became closet cake eaters to avoid the Reider wrath. =) Here he is enjoying some of the "happy cake":

Then... we ALWAYS celebrate February 5th. What a blessed day that is! Makes me tear up just remembering... February 5, 2009 is the very first time we ever laid eyes on our sweet baby boy. What a complete gift he is! You can see pictures from that day HERE. Hard to believe this was just two short years ago! Can someone please tell me how to slow this time down?!? We will always be so grateful to Michael Reid's amazing birth family for entrusting him to us. They showered him with unselfish love and we are so thankful he has such a wonderful story. We can't wait to share more of it with him!

And... we are adding to the momentum of our very special week with a MOVE TO LITTLE ROCK this year. As I am typing this, the movers are here and packing us up. They will be here through Wednesday, then we all drive out on Thursday morning. As I have said, it is bittersweet for sure. We will miss being so close to our families and great friends. But, in the same breath... Reid misses his Daddy (and I miss him like crazy, too!!) so we are very thankful to be living under one roof again soon! Prayers for serenity this week would be much appreciated. =)

And... to end... here's a short little video of my budding "musician". This is what we do when we're iced in ALL DAY LONG. Reid loves playing the piano and singing!