Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time Flies...

I can't believe that I just ordered these!!!

Where has the time gone??? Is it even possible that I am already planning this sweet baby's 3rd birthday party?

Slow. Down. Father. Time.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Floyd Family Pictures

We had such a wonderful Christmas! I am still gathering pics to post to the blog (hopefully by the end of this week)... but in the mean time, here are some more pictures from Thanksgiving that I just received.

For KK's 60th birthday, we had family pictures done in their beautiful backyard. I think they came out really great!

Here is a picture of the whole family: Ben, Myself, Doc, Reid, KK, Aunt NeeNee, Uncle Craig

All the "kids"

Love these two with all my heart!

Most handsome little man ever! The sweater he is wearing was hand-knit for him by a dear family friend, Debbie Hannebut - we love it!

Aunt NeeNee & Uncle Craig


Monday, December 19, 2011

Jump Zone = Reid's FAVORITE

It's official... "Jump Zone is my very, very favorite, Mommy!" (That's what he repeatedly said while we were there.) Winter break started this week, so myself, Lori, and Emily decided to take all of the kids last Friday on the first day of break. Ha. Per the picture below, not the smartest idea we've ever had... it was INSANELY packed.

But... so worth it! The kids had a blast! We were there with Cole, Kylie, Avery, & Owen. Here's a few pics I had to post...

I love this - Reid, Owen, & Cole wrestling... all boy!

So yeah... this looks like the place we definitely have to book for Reid's 3rd birthday party... Fun times for all!

Recent Happenings...

I love this time of year... but with all of the fun brings a COMPLETELY packed calendar! We've been in the midst of Christmas parties and celebrations. It's been so much fun with Reid this year because he is finally to the age where he (somewhat) understands that Christmas is Baby Jesus' birthday and he definitely gets Santa Clause... ha!

Although he understands Santa Clause, you'll see in the picture that he didn't want to get too close... One of his friends, Sam, had a Christmas party where Santa came to visit. The kids had a great time!

Reid didn't want to sit in Santa's lap, but went and talked to him (holding onto Mommy's hand the whole time). The only thing he asked Santa was, "Where Rudolph the Red-Nosed at??" Haha... he makes us laugh!

A random iphone pic, but you'll see it's hard to get a serious picture of this kiddo most days =)

Oh... and did I mention... RG3 (BAYLOR BEAR) WON THE HEISMAN?!?!?! We've been on cloud 9! And even got a rare night out (kid-free) with some other BU friends to watch the Heisman presentation at Red Door...

With Lori & Mel

Mel, Holly, Ben, Nate, Allan, & Lori - Such a fun night with great friend!

And one more random iphone pic with my favorite little guy...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reid's First School Picture

Had to post Reid's first ever school picture...and it is so stinkin' cute!

Those of you who know us, know that we have MAJOR hair cutting issues in our house (ie: Reid HATES them). So, of course, school pictures were held the day after he only received half a haircut. The hair person quit in the middle because she refused to cut a child's hair who had to be restrained. Yeah. We've since moved to the buzz cut - much faster and a little less painful for Mommy and Daddy. He still is the most handsome little guy, though!