Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meet The Teacher

What a crazy week we've had! We just got home yesterday evening from a family vacation down to Horseshoe Bay Resort - we had a WONDERFUL time! My sister, Neely, was the official picture taker so as soon as I get a cd of pics from her, then I will update the blog with photos from our trip. For now, here is a glipse of Reid's first experience on the beach... he LOVED it!

So, we got in last night only to wake up this morning to Reid's first ever MEET THE TEACHER... (mommy tears!). When did my baby get so big??? It's hard to believe that he is already 19 months old, and that he is so very ready for a pre-school program. As hard as it is to watch the time pass so quickly, I'm really excited for him and all that he is experiencing! We enrolled him at Southlake Christian on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-2pm. It's such a great school and I absolutely LOVE all of the teachers!

Here's a pic of Reid before we left the house... ready to go meet Ms. Colleen and Ms. Annie! (and he is VERY proud of his backpack)

He was a little clingy to both Ben and I as we walked into the classroom, but as soon as he saw the cars and toys... he was off and playing. Couldn't even take time to look at the camera!

Reid is in the little Elephants classroom - all the kids birthdays are in Jan, Feb, March. There are 10 kids in his class (8 boys and only 2 girls - such a change for Reider... he's used to all ladies!) And these are his amazing teachers, Ms. Annie and Ms. Colleen... They have been team teaching his age group at Southlake Christian for over 6 years now... I already love them! (and Reid still was not stopping to look at the camera... although he was saying "cheese"...)

These are just two quick pics of his name and folder spot in the classroom...

As I said, today was just Meet the Teacher and a parent assembly... Reid will have his first official day of school this Thursday, Sept 9th... many more pictures to come, I'm sure!