Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Fun

We had such a fun summer!  When we were in town and not traveling (more on our trips in a bit), we spent our days at the pool and playing with friends. Here are some random summer pics that I pulled off the trusty iPhone...

Reid, Sam, Owen, and Crosby at the splash pad - having a blast!

Sam and Reid - buddies =)

Our good friend, Ty Henry... he is BY FAR a favorite with all the kiddos! Here he is showing a new computer game to Reid and Alex Darby.  Ty and Leslie are such a huge blessing to us!

This kid loves the water!!!

I had such a neat night where I got to eat dinner with all of my favorite Texas girls!  This crew is so so good for my soul.  Miss you all! 

Life is rough for this 3 year old - haha!

Reider and Mommy

Daddy took Reid to get his summer haircut.  He's still not a fan of the haircut, but the sucker afterwards makes it all worth it!

Reid and Carson... showin' his guns for the ladies... 

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