Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beach Trip #2

Reid loved the beach so much (talked about it ALL THE TIME) that we snuck away one more time to Corpus Christi at the end of July.  Unfortunately, Ben had to be out of town for work, but we were joined by Doc & KK and of course Aunt NeeNee and Uncle Craig.

Get ready for LOTS more beach pictures of our cute 3 year old...

With KK & Doc

Aunt NeeNee, KK, and myself

Doc, Reid, Uncle Craig 

During our visit we also celebrated mine and Doc's birthdays 

And we got to go to the Texas State Aquarium

Mommy and Reid petting the sting rays 

About to watch the bird show with Aunt NeeNee 

Time completely stopped when Reid spotted "Dori" 

He was Star. Struck. Too cute! 

Petting cute puppies? no thanks. A snake on the other hand... 

We had such a fun weekend with my family! Looking forward to our next visit!

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