Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smile for the camera!

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures...  Ben and I owe a HUGE thanks to Candice - THE GREATEST SISTER-IN-LAW IN THE WORLD!!!  Seriously.  She spent a good portion of her evening tonight trying to take "action" photos for Ben and I.  We needed a few more individual shots for our profiles that birthmothers will view and we are so thankful for her help (believe me, it was a painful process).  She got tons of Ben golfing, playing pool, working on his cars, me playing the piano, etc...  She even snuck in a few of us together - here are two of my favorites taken in our front yard:

Cheesy???...That'd be a BIG YES (but I liked it anyway)!

...And I just loved this picture of Ben =)

And I also want to give another HUGE SHOUT OUT to my dear friend, Heather (check out her blog called 'Welcome to the Edge of Insanity' -  so funny!).  She spent a good portion of her day on Tuesday sorting through the masses of pictures on our church servers taken during worship.  I needed a couple of me singing for some additional "action shots"...ugg... and she saved us so much time...THANK YOU!

So...tomorrow we ship all of the additional photos off and hope that they have enough this time!  If this covers it, then we are officially 3 weeks and counting until a potential birthmother could choose us...

Now for some exciting news for the day...  Our great friends, Candace & Josiah Reneau, welcomed little Adalyn Love into the world last night!  She weighs 4lbs and 15.5 ounces and is 18.5 inches long.  Both Mom and baby are doing wonderfully and we can't wait to go see them tomorrow!  It struck me today that Adalyn will most likely be one of Baby P's first friends since they will probably only be several months apart in age...  can't wait for them to meet!

I'm off to bed to get some rest...have a busy weekend ahead with good ol' Baylor Homecoming...Sick Em'!!!

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