Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby P = Baylor Bear

Ben and I had a wonderful time at Homecoming this weekend - it's always great to spend quality time and catch up with old friends!

And, as you can see, we had some fun shopping for Baby P as well... =)

We went to the Baylor Bookstore looking for new shirts for us, and I just happened to come across the little BU Cap, socks, and bib (they are so tiny and cute!!).  Well...that, of course, spurred my little Baby P shopping spree and we went to two more stores where I found the newborn onesie and then the BU blanket.  Too cute!  If Baby P turns out to be a girl...then I'm definitely going back to get the little Baylor Princess onesie and the little cheerleader outfit (Ben is thrilled...haha).  So fun!

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Jaime said...

Love it! Kyle and I both are happy that you are going to raise Baby P the right way from the get-go! ;) So sad to miss everyone at homecoming, but I know you all had so much fun!