Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home Study/FBI Paperwork Round #3 = DONE!!!

...And now we feel like it's time to PARTY!!!  (Almost)  

This morning we had not one...not two...but THREE rounds of fingerprinting for FBI Clearances, notary appointments, and physical exam appointments. (Yes...I chickened out of the flu shot...don't do needles.)  And...I just shipped off ALL of our Home Study paperwork (click here to see what all that included), AND overnighted our FBI Fingerprinting for expedited clearances.  Only TWO things left until potential birth mothers can start viewing our profiles:

1. Home Study Interview at our house (scheduled for next Thursday, November 6th, at 9am).  I have some baby-proofing to do!
2. Our second go at photos (scheduled for this Thursday, October 30th)...ugh.

And THEN, when these last two things are completed, I have a feeling we'll be throwing a party. (Literally...I'm trying to talk Ben into it!)

Sadly, I don't have any pictures to post of our extremely productive adoption day... But we did come up with a short list of "Things Not To Do When Working With The FBI" (all from our experience this morning, of course):

1. Do NOT allow your husband to joke around with FBI dude about your "past criminal history"... they don't really have a sense of humor about those things.

2. Under NO circumstances should you attempt to take FBI dude's picture while he's fingerprinting your husband.  

3. And last, but not least... Avoid stupid questions like "What!?!  I have to pay THAT MUCH for fingerprinting???  Can you wait several minutes while we go try to get arrested so this can all be done for free?"  (It might be best to just tell your husband that talking is off limits during this process.)

Hope you all are doing well... more updates soon!


Kym said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Hilarious don'ts!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! I like to joke when I get in awkward situations as well but tell Ben another place he shouldn't joke is when going through security at the airport. They don't think you're "just kidding" when you joke about items you might have in your purse!