Saturday, August 2, 2008

John Mayer

So last night was the highlight of my sister Neely's year...JOHN MAYER CONCERT...she loves him.  You can tell in some of the pictures how excited she was...the expressions on her face are priceless!  (Unfortunately, I'm having problems uploading the pics, though.)  Blaire and I said we were there for moral support only, but we really had a great time as well.  We even met a new friend who sat right in front of us.  We named him Steve-O and had his whole life story mapped out amongst the three of us (a bad people-watching habit we started long ago).  As the evening progressed, however, we found out his real name was Greg...beyond that we didn't want any more information.  He was a bit shady, but we don't need to type all those details here... so I digress.

Sadly, me and Jen Aniston still are not BFFs (I call her Jen cause we're tight like that). We weren't allowed anywhere near the front to meet, see, or just simply wave at her because Neely had a professional camera and we were pegged as paparazzi.  Seriously, they made Neely take her camera all the way back out to our car.  (That wasn't a short trip, by the way.) Oh well...we shall meet her one day...

Colbie Caillat opened and I have to say that I was not impressed.  Maybe it was just her style of music that didn't transfer well into a concert setting...or the fact that we were all the way back on the grass at Schmirnoff / Superpages...whatever it's called.  But she was just ok.  Then John Mayer came out...incredible guitar was good...but he definitely played the entire concert with no shirt.  I know it was hot and all, but come on...seriously?  Guess his stylist was off for the night...   Like I said, we had a fun was great spending some quality time with Blaire before she leaves us and moves back to OKC...we will miss her so much!  And, I'm always up for some live it.

Moving on to a completely different subject...  Ben was shocked and awed yesterday morning when he found out that there was a cat in this world who is actually larger than our Fat Jack...44 pounds! He sent me this video and story...check it out.


Amanda Jo said...

Hey girl, it's Amanda from SBTC. I totally saw you at the JM concert and I tried to get your attention but I couldn't. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed John's music. I thought the no shirt thing was a pretty...amusing...move. I agree with you on the Colbie thing, she's certainly talented but she wasn't as entertaining as I expected.

I'm enjoying your blog, by the way! :)

Holly Floyd Peterson said...

Bummer...wish I would have seen you at the JM concert!! Looks like I'll be up at the SBTC offices next Monday...think Gina and I have a little dinner date =) Also, I've added your blog to my it!