Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Big Jump

When I received this pic tonight, I had to post it immediately... Several weekends ago, some friends from our Community Group got married at the HGTV house in Tyler, TX - Jared & Jamie (Endter) Mullins.  It was a beautiful weekend and such great memories were made!  My favorite memory, however, came at the end of the reception...  It was about 105 degrees that night in East Texas and we had all been dancing for several hours on this amazing dock out over the lake - needless to say, we were a sweaty mess.  Before I knew what was happening...I look over at the bride who is running full speed across the dock (in her full wedding dress) and cannonballs into the lake.  At this point, I'm standing next to Jill Hand and Jayme Higgins...and with one look, we all knew she couldn't go swimmin' at midnight alone.  So, we did the only logical thing  we knew to do...kicked off our shoes and followed her in!  (Most of the groomsmen joined as well.)  This pic was taken right after 'The Big Jump"...  Definitely a night that I will always remember!  Thanks, Jill and Jayme, for being the kind of friends who will jump off a bridge with you girls!

P.S. So if you're in the mood to laugh...check out - HILARIOUS!

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