Friday, September 7, 2012

More Conversations With Our 3 Year Old...

A rundown of Reid's day at school (in his words) on the car ride home: 
"Oh yes, Mommy. I had such a fun day! Sam and I pwayed wif scissors and cut things. Gage had on a gween shirt. Then we talked about apples and got to eat wots of them. My favowite is wed apples. Then I told my teacher NOooo...I not want to go to Ms Paige's office!"... 

(Ms. Paige is the Preschool Director. And, unfortunately, Reid was done talking about his day after that. Convenient...for him.) :/ 

I don't know which part of his day to worry about more... The cutting of "things" with scissors... The fact that he is now noticing other people's outfit ensembles... Or why in the world he was threatened with the Director's office. This kiddo will keep me busy for sure! Oh how we love him!

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