Sunday, August 26, 2012


Ben and I completely love the age that Reid is at - 3 is so fun(ny)!  He says the most random things that crack us up so here are a few that I have written down...

Me: "Reid, it's time for bed."
Reid: "No thank you, Mommy. It's been a great day so I'm just gonna stay right here and play with my trains a little longer." At least he's polite about it???

Reid cleared his plate at dinner tonight except for the vegetables, of course. When I asked him to take a bite he looked at me...put his little hand on his hip...and said very disappointedly, "Mommy, you KNOW I not wike bwoccowi and cawotts."

Ben: "Reid, do you remember your Bible verse for this week?"
Reid: "God is with you wherever you go. Even when I go to K-Mart."

Reid just named his new dinosaur "Bono"... Makes this Mommy happy! Must be doin' something right ;)

Me: "Dinner's ready!"
Reid (on the verge of total melt down): "NOOOOOO!!!! I'm pwaying videos!!! I don't like dinner!!!"
Ben: "Reid, you can come sit down at the table and eat dinner or lose all videos for the rest of the night."
Reid (walking into the kitchen with angelic smile): "I just wove dinner! It wooks dewicious, Mommy!"
Blackmail works, people.

When you're 3 yrs old, time-outs can be quite dramatic. Especially when you look at your Mom and say "Are you happy now?!?" and she tacks on another minute. Wow.

And finally... Reid has begun noticing that people look different from each other.  We have many talks in our house about loving ALL people - skinny, large, short, tall, etc. So the other night we were sitting at a restaurant with some friends and Reid began grabbing my arm and pointing at the lady sitting directly behind us. "Mommy!!  Mommy!!  Look at her!!! Mommy!" Embarrassed and without even turning around, I asked him quietly to sit down in his chair.  As he's trying his best to obey he loudly says, "Well I'm not SAYING that she's fat...".  Oy vey.

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