Tuesday, April 3, 2012

St. Charles Easter Egg Hunt

I volunteer with our St. Charles Community board to help coordinate socials for our neighborhood - it's so much fun and right up my alley! ha! This past Sunday, we had our annual St. Charles Easter Egg hunt for all of our neighborhood kids. I think that it's safe to say all of the kids had a blast (we had about 75 little ones) and left with lots of candy, cupcakes, cookies, etc!

A pic of Reider and I before the hunt

He's on a mission - Reid totally got it this year!

Going for the older girls! (With Alex Darby)

A very sweaty pic of Ben and I - 92 degrees and VERY humid!

This weekend we'll be traveling home to DFW for Easter festivities, Wedding celebrations, and birthday parties. Many fun posts and pics to come!