Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Peterson Christmas

Christmas 2011 has been the best yet! Reid being 2.5 years old is at such a fun age for all things Christmas! He is understanding the very basic Christmas story of Jesus' birth... and he DEFINITELY got Santa Clause and all the presents. To say we had a wonderful time, would be an understatement.

This year, we traveled home to DFW to spend time with both sides of our families. We spent Christmas Eve with the Peterson clan, then Christmas Day with the Floyd crew (Floyd Christmas post up next!). This post includes some of my favorite pictures from Christmas Eve with all of the Peterson's...

First order of business was meeting our PRECIOUS new niece, Annabel (or as Reid calls her "Baby Cousin Annabel"). I was so excited and fell in love immediately! Her I am with Annabel and her Mommy (Aunt Candice)...

Reid did surprisingly well with Annabel and did great at sharing Grandma and Pops attention! If Annabel would start to cry, he'd run over and pat her back and say "It otay, Baby Cousin Annabel. Dat all better!" It was too cute! Here's a pic of both cousins with Grandma and Pops:

Ben and I opening presents on Christmas Eve =)

Some more pics of the Reider...

Grandma, of course, cooked a wonderful Christmas Eve meal! Going around the table is Ben, myself, Reid, Grandma, Annabel, Aunt Candice, Uncle Joe, and Uncle Jeff (Pops was taking the picture)

Now Grandma taking a picture...

Reid hanging out with Uncle Jeff (Reid's uncles were his favorite people over the holiday!)

All the "big Kids"

Sweet boy

Love this picture.

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