Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Floyd Christmas

Christmas morning at the Floyd house (KK & Doc's) started off BRIGHT AND EARLY (6:30am) because we had one VERY excited little boy who wanted to "open my Santa presents"!

Here he is walking out into the living room...

Of course, the first thing he went to was his new remote control train!

Daddy, Doc, and Uncle Craig trying to put it together...

Notice the two year old has put together the entire train before they got one piece of the track down =)

Reid and Doc

Helping KK open one of her presents =)

Back to playing more trains...

Completely fascinated by the train!

Look what else Santa brought... a new motorcycle!

We hit a few walls learning how to drive, so we moved on outside... sadly, the camera didn't make it!

Happy boy!

Getting more trains from Aunt NeeNee and Uncle Craig

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The Garners said...

Loved seeing your Christmas pictures! So sweet.