Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer 2011

I'm really thankful that we had such a fun summer here in Little Rock and still having a hard time believing that fall is already here! I do have to say that I am so ready for cooler weather... summer here in Little Rock was hot, HOT, HOTTER... and then even more humid! (And I'm from Texas - I'm used the the heat!) Thankfully, our neighborhood has two really great community pools and we spent A LOT of time there these last few months. Reid LOVES to swim - he's definitely a little fish! Our summer routine was get up in the morning...breakfast...head to the gym to workout with some friends...then out to one of the pools for rest of the hot day. We swam...then swam some more... pretty much every day. The kids loved it and I secretly through a little party when the pool finally closed over Labor Day weekend. Ha!

A pic of Reid on the very first morning that the pool opened over Memorial Day weekend:

Swimming with Daddy

For moms with toddlers, these were THE BEST find this summer! We have tried every type of floaty out there, and these are the only ones I loved... They allowed Reid to swim on his own without flipping him on his back or face (even when he jumped in). They allowed me to relax a little out at the pool =)

With Cole and Alex

Two of my favorite LR Girls - Emily Martin and Mel Darby (BU friends as well!)

The evenings were nice when the Dads could take over! (Nate Darby, Ben, & Russ Martin)

Reider has also become quite the ham... he loves making people laugh!

Yep... I pretty much wear a hat every day in the summer.

Sand at a birthday party...

And, of course, SUCKERS!

In the mornings after all of us Moms were done working out, we'd let the kids in to do their "exercises"... too cute!

Reid and Cole... two little weight lifters in the making - ha!

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