Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day has to be my very favorite day every year - I can't even explain it. All of the love...all of the emotions. On one hand, I am so very thankful for the gift of Reid and the joy it is to be his Mommy. I stand in awe at the unbelievable sacrifice and unselfish love that allowed his birth family to entrust this baby boy to us. On the other hand, I grieve with Reid's birthmother, "S", as I can't even begin to imagine what she must feel. My prayer is that she feels love... from Ben and I, from Michael Reid, and from the Lord who held our entire adoption in his perfect hands. A friend of mine passed this on to me and I absolutely love it:

Once there were two women who barely knew each other,
One you do not remember, the other you call Mother.
Two different lives shaped to make you one,
One became your guiding star, the other became your sun.

The first one gave you life, and the second taught you to live it.
The first gave you a need for love; the second was there to give it.
One gave you your nationality; the other gave you your name;
One gave you a talent; the other gave you aim.
One gave you emotions; the other calmed your fears.
One saw your first sweet smile; the other dried your tears.

One sought for you a home that she could not provide;
The other prayed for a child and her hope was not denied.
Heredity or environment, which are you a product of?
Neither, my darling. Neither. Just two different kinds of Love.

Here is a picture from my very first Mother's Day. CLICK HERE if you would like to read the post.

And here is Reider on Mommy on my 3rd Mother's Day - WOW! How the time has flown!

We had a wonderful day with our little family of three! The boys let me sleep in, then we headed out to the zoo to enjoy the gorgeous weather and have a picnic. Here's Reid and I looking at a giant cobra:

Reid and Daddy on the train...(again, posing for the camera is not on Reider's priority list)

Loving the train! (And yes, that is a mosquito bite on the side of his head!)

That evening for dinner, Ben made us reservations at the Kobe Japanese Steak House - it was wonderful! I wish I would have taken more pictures because Reid loved watching them cook at our table! Here's the only one I took:

We had one very tired boy at the end of the day!

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The Garners said...

This is such a precious post, Holly. May God continue to bless your beautiful family.