Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reid's Christmas Party

On Tuesday, Reid's MDO class at Southlake Christian had their little class party - it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen! They all made matching Christmas shirts, ate Christmas cookies, juice, and exchanged gifts (each brought a wrapped book).

The party started right after nap time. Usually my child is the first one up, but on party day... he's, of course, taking the longest nap ever. This pic is taken as the party is starting... lights are on, parent's are there, and Christmas music is playing. Didn't phase him one bit. =)

Did someone say "cookies"? That got him up and going... Here's Reider diving into the cookies...

Me and my guy =)

With KK (and still way more interested in eating cookies than taking pictures)

With Grandma (now double-fisting the cookies)

With Miss Annie & Miss Colleen - we LOVE these teachers!

Looking at his book from William

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