Friday, October 22, 2010

Western Day

Yesterday was Western Day at Reid's school.... and he wanted NOTHING to do with it! I definitely have a little city boy (just like his Daddy!). Reider wanted nothing to do with the animals... the pony rides... didn't want to wear his new boots... Oh well. Such is life! He sure did make a cute cowboy, though! (He's going to be a cowboy for Halloween, too!)

Mom and Reider

Walking beside the pony...

Not really liking the pony ride...

Nope. Definitely didn't like it. =)

He was pointing to the pony saying "ewww"... and "pew-yew!"

Reid with some of his classmates

He enjoyed looking at all of the animals from the other side of the fence, at least =)

Fine, Mom... I'll pet the pony.

Love these pics of his little class looking through the fence!

Nope... I don't want to pet the goats either, Mom...

And I REALLY don't want to touch the chicken...

...just hold me, Mom... I don't want any of the animals touching me...

So cute!

Perfect picture of Reid's facial expression for the whole day =)

Oh well! Maybe he'll enjoy it more next year! =)

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