Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Changes...

There are some big changes coming our way, and we would be so grateful for your prayerful support...

Yesterday, Ben was honored to accept a great promotion with his company as the DMM for the state of Arkansas. Yep, I said Arkansas... The three of us are about to be the newest residents in Little Rock. :) We feel very blessed to be given this opportunity and have a complete peace that it is the right decision for our family. However, it is still very bittersweet and incredibly hard to leave our families, friends, and amazing church here in Dallas/Ft Worth.

Many of you know that we have moved away before - we lived up in Minnesota from 2006-2007 while Ben was in a training program for this same company. Against all odds, we found out in Jan 2007 that we were getting to move right back home to DFW. We had no clue (at the time) how the Lord was providing for us. He knew what we were about to walk through with the infertility and adoption struggles... and His provision of our strongest support system during that time was a blessing beyond measure. We truly could not have made it through those years without that physical presence of love, support, and felt prayers. For that we will be forever grateful. It has been a wonderful, comforting, and refreshing time to be surrounded by so many people that we truly love.

But we also know that the Lord doesn't always allow us to stay in those comfort zones - that there are new challenges and new things to learn to help us grow. And we are again taking a leap of faith and trusting in His provision and plan for our lives. He has never let us down and we are excited about what the future holds.

Ben's promotion is effective as of December 1st (this has been a whirlwind!)... He and I flew out to their regional offices in Nashville yesterday to sign contracts and make everything official. Ben will be commuting back and forth from DFW to Little Rock for the month of December as I finalize things here (selling this house, finding and buying a new home in Little Rock, etc - just the small things. Ha!). Our plan is for Reid and I to be moved and join Ben the beginning of January. I will send out our new address/contact information as soon as we find our new home. The good news, is that we will not be very far away (about 5 hours) and DFW is home base for us so I know that we will be back to visit everyone often.

Again, we would truly appreciate your prayers that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We are so grateful for you and blessed by your friendship.

And... we really hope that all of you have been DYING to go on a vacation to Arkansas...(I mean, who wouldn't?!? Wink, wink.) We will have a room waiting for you!

All our love,
Holly, Ben, & Reid

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