Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Michael Reid's First Christmas - 2009

Thank goodness blogger is cooperating with me tonight in uploading photos because I've got LOTS to catch you all up on... First up: REID'S FIRST CHRISTMAS!

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited our family was to celebrate Michael Reid's first Christmas this year... Many of you who have been following our entire adoption journey know how bittersweet Christmas 2008 was for us. How different this year was! How abundant were God's blessings in 2009 - we truly could not think of anything else but celebration this year. Celebration of our Savior's birth... and celebration of all the Lord has done for us this past year in blessing us with this beautiful baby boy. Many, many tears were happily cried by this momma. =)

DISCLAIMER: Throughout the Christmas holidays, I was "fortunate" enough to get the flu. Bleh. Just telling you all this right now before you take a look at these pictures and see how incredibly sick I look.

We started off the Christmas celebrations on Christmas Eve where we spent a wonderful evening with Ben's family. We all went to the candlelight service at his parent's church, then back over to the Grandma and Grandpa's house for a huge dinner and then on to open many, many presents!

Here's a pic of our little man at the Christmas Eve service... so handsome!

Our little fam...

Reid and Grandma

Goofing off with Uncle Jeff and Grandpa

Hanging out with Uncle Joe and Aunt Candice

Reid didn't quite know what to think about all of the presents, but he definitely had a great time opening them all! I think the two HUGE hits of the evening were... his new mega blocks table:

And his new wagon... thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

It was getting really late, but sweet Reid still insisted on wagon rides. =)

Christmas morning came bright and early! We decided that Santa Clause would visit Reid at home before we headed over to KK and Doc's for rest of the day. Here are my two men coming down the stairs...

And Reider and I walking in to see what all Santa had brought...

By far and away, Reid's favorite gift from Santa... the ball pit. (Seemed like a GREAT idea at the time... you can ask me later how much I love it now as I chase balls all over the house. Reid's favorite pass time is throwing them down the by. one. Ha!)

Santa delivered lots of other goodies including cars, balls, Reid's very own cell phone, drums, and the list goes on...

However... Reid insisted on EVERYTHING being opened and brought back into the ball pit. =) Here he is sending his peeps a Merry Christmas text on his new phone that talks to him...

Mommy trying to make Reid sit still long enough to take a picture...

We also had a WONDERFUL surprise by having the FIRST EVER WHITE CHRISTMAS in Dallas/Fort Worth... so beautiful!! I took this pic as we headed out the door to celebrate with my side of the family...

Family pics at Doc & KK's

The whole crew

I love this picture of my two men... they look so much alike! AMAZING!

Reider and Doc - loves his Doc!

Hangin' with Uncle Craig

By the time we began opening gifts over at Doc and KK's... Reid had this gig figured out. He thought EVERY present was for him, and was beside himself in giddy excitement!

At one point, he was rolling around in all the paper he was laughing so hard...

I loved this picture. Aunt Neely gave Doc a picture for his office... Reid loves his Doc and crawled over as fast as possible to kiss him in the picture.

And... the favorite pic of the day... We have a Baylor / UT / A&M war going on in the Floyd casa...poor Reid isn't going to know who to cheer for (BAYLOR...cough, cough). But Uncle Craig loved that Reid was wearing A&M maroon, so he "tried" getting a pic with Reid and his tshirt which read "Real Men Bleed Maroon." Clearly, Dad wasn't going for it...

There are so many more pictures that I would love to share - we truly had a blessed Christmas (and our gameroom is now overrun with toys, toys, and more toys...). I wouldn't trade this time for all the world. Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday as well!

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David and Bethany said...

I just blogged about Isaac's first Christmas, & so I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who's just catching up! ;) I love Reid's little red sweater cute! And, I completely understand about how special this Christmas was compared to last year. Isn't it amazing what can change in a year?...even though at the time, it felt like forever. God is so good!