Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Made It!!!

So I have completely failed in my blogging mission to talk up adoption during the month of November... uggg... Life has just been completely INSANE keeping up with a very active 9 month old! But, rest assured... all is well in the Peterson casa... and...

WE SURVIVED OUR FIRST PLANE RIDE WITH REID TODAY!!! HOORAY!!! (That's no small feat, by the way!) Today marked the start of our first "real" family vacation as a family of 3. You know, where we had to fight the airport/holiday crowds, load up and ship the car seat, stroller, diapers/wipes, baby food, etc... what fun. Ha! In all seriousness, despite massive delays at the airports... it went very well and Reid was a trooper!

Where are we this week? (... you might ask...) We are spending the week in Philadelphia with Ben's family! We are very excited and already having so much fun! All of Ben's brothers and his Mom's side of the family are here. It should be a very fun first Thanksgiving for Reid. =)

So, all of that to say...I am trying to keep up with posting pictures each day as the week progresses to avoid getting even further behind in my blog posts. =)

Here are a few from our lovely airport adventure today...

11am: Our little fam... breathing sighs of relief that we actually made it to the airport alive, well, and in-tact... it was a bit of a crazy morning =)

11:30am: Reider and I right after he saw his first real airplane (he was VERY excited!)

1:00pm...Then began the airport delays. Apparently, Philadelphia was/is having bad weather, so we got to wait around in the DFW airport for an extra 3 hours. Yay. Thank goodness they had the awesome kiddie play area below:

Reid LOVED it... it kept him quite entertained and he even met a few friends!

2:00pm - Ben and Uncle Jeff got so bored that they even began to play. That's right... we talked Uncle Jeff into flying with us so that we had an extra set of hands. Sucker.

Finally... we were called to board the plane about 3pm... Please keep in mind, that Reid has had zero naps at this point. We were already making plans to buy drinks for everyone "fortunate" enough to sit by us. I had a feeling it was going to be a VERY long flight.

What I didn't know, is that my sweet husband had "charmed" one of the flight attendants (he calls it charming... I call it flirting... ) and he got all of us a row of seats COMPLETELY to ourselves - on a FULL plane, no less! That meant that Reid had his own seat (which we didn't pay for) and Uncle Jeff had two empty seats next to him that were perfect for Reid to play in =)

And wouldn't you know... we got on the plane about 3pm... just to sit for another hour. Sweet baby boy just sat perfectly content in his chair reading his books. Does it get any better than that?!? I was so impressed... love this little man so very much!!!

Finally, as the plane was taking off... I gave Reid a bottle and he passed out cold... no fussing or anything. =) (And yes, I look incredibly tired in this picture because I AM INCREDIBLY had been a long day.)

Handsome little guy! The extra seats were WONDERFUL! =)

That's all the pics for now! We finally landed in Philly and made it out to Ben's aunt & uncle's house. Reid was so excited to see everyone and definitely established himself as the center of attention. I have a feeling he won't be spoiled at all this week! And now... he's passed out cold in his little bed... I'm not far behind. More pics to come of Reid's first turkey day!


Angela said...

Is it sick that I know what airline you are on based on the seats?? I'm so glad you had a good experience with Reid...delays aside!

Jennifer Wells said...

I cannot BELIEVE he was so good on the plane. He really is the most perfect child. Grace refused to sleep on the plane so I had many anxious hours of singing and dancing to keep her entertained/distracted! glad you guys are safe. have a wonderful blessed holiday friend!