Thursday, November 26, 2009

Much to be thankful for...

We had a WONDERFUL first Thanksgiving with Reid and all of Ben's family - we truly have much to be thankful for! So amazing to think that we only became eligible to adopt the week of Thanksgiving last year (2008)...and this year we have an almost 10 month old - God is good!

This has to be one of my favorite new pictures of the little man...completely sums up our day!

Reid with his Dad...

...and a pic with Mom (very bright early) =)

Spending a little quality time with Grandma

Around 10:30... All of Ben's cousins and their kids arrived..then Aunt Candice and Uncle Joey made it in from NYC

Reid loves his Grandpa!

Reider also had a great time playing with Jacob, Kayla, and Campbell...


Aunt Candice and Reid

Aunt Candice always has lots of fun treats for her nephew!

Sportin' his new sweater from his Uncle Joey and Aunt Candice =)

One of Ben's cousins, Tara, with Daisy (Reid's new BFF - ha)...

One side of the "kid" table - Mark, Britt, Tara, Me, Reid, Ben

And the other side... Uncle Jeff, Rob, Deb, Aunt Candice, Uncle Joey. All of the Grandparents were in the other room =)

Reid enjoying his sweet potatoes - he loved the sweet potatoes, corn casserole, mashed potatoes, ice cream, pies, fruit salad, and pumpkin rolls... kid's got a good appetite!

As I said... Reid and Daisy... new BFF's! She kept licking his face and he thought it was hilarious =)

And finally, the day ended for the little man with the Cowboy game... here he is all dressed up in his Cowboy gear with Dad...

We had such a great day giving thanks with all of our family here in PA - but we greatly missed our friends and other family back in TX - KK, Doc, Aunt Neely, and Uncle Craig. We love you and Reider had a blast video chatting with you today! We'll see you when we get home on Saturday!

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Meg said...

he is just truly too too precious. melts my heart. i can only imagine how thankful you are feeling this year!! we are too--it is so humbling and words can never do it justice. the joy is written all over your faces!!