Monday, February 9, 2009

Reid's First Baby Shower

On Sunday afternoon, Reid and I had our first baby shower - what a wonderful afternoon!!!  We are so grateful to all of our friends and family who were there.  This was our Keller shower, and it was hosted by my sister - Neely Floyd - along with Jen DeLaPorte, Emily Borg, and Laurie Haas.  It was a "Sip N See" from 3-5pm, and there were over 60 people that came - definitely a full house!!!  Ben and I keep telling Reid that he's a celebrity baby because so many people have been praying for him for so very long.  We couldn't feel more blessed!  He even has his posse of paparazzi (aka Aunt Neely, all the grandparents, and Mommy and Daddy, of course)!

The girls did such a WONDERFUL job putting everything together!  They had tons of pictures blown up of sweet Reid and our family all over the house...

... and the cake was so cute, and tasted so good!  There wasn't a single piece left at the end =)

Here's a picture of Reid and I with all of the hostesses...Laurie, Emily, Jen, and Aunt Neely.

Grandpa "Doc" (our resident pediatrician) was the center of attention because he was holding the little guest of honor - he absolutely loved it!  (He was also making sure that no one touched our newborn baby... I mean, who could reach in and take him away from Doc???)  We had to pry Reid out of his hands for one of his feedings =)

Here's a picture of Reid with Daddy and his Grandma... (the two grandmas were the only other people allowed to hold Reid during the shower, of course!)

With "KK" and "Doc"

Awake and alert - I'm just too handsome!!!

By the end of the party, our Reid was WIPED out!  I love this picture... this is how he sleeps all of the time.  His little hands up by his head and a paci in his mouth =)


Molly said...

I can't tell you how fun it is to see all of your prayers and faith come to life in this little guy!

What an answered prayer!

It gives a whole new meaning to "For this child I have prayed!"

Thanks for sharing this sweet blessing!

Kristen said...

Holly and Ben---
I am sorry that I wasn't able to make it to the shower yesterday. I am home with the flu, but I wanted you to know how much I have been praying for you and your family, and that Reid is SO CUTE!!

Life with the Kadanes said...

He is SO sweet!! He is looking so different already- very alert for a little boy!

Diana said...

I have to agree with Molly- i have never heard of an adoption process that has gone so smoothly and quickly!

Neely Floyd said...

Reid is such a rock star-learning it all from his mom and dad :) I can't wait to take pictures of his fo-hawk (sp?)

Jaime said...

Sorry I didn't make the shower, Holly! I will be sending a gift as soon as I get around to it. He's so beautiful. Soothie pacis are the best! They have cute holders for them now too at BRU...the boy's holder is a whale and the girl holder is a flower. They are by soothie brand. :)