Monday, February 9, 2009

First Well Check

Ben and I took Reid to his first well check with Dr. Dalton this morning - it went so well!  As I have said a MILLION times... we have THE BEST baby!!!  He didn't cry or fuss at all through the whole appointment.  He let Dr. Dalton take his temperature, weigh him, check all of his reflexes, eyes, etc...  He just laid there and cooed and took everything in.  And... Dr. Dalton said that sweet Reid is showing early signs of being very intelligent (like we didn't already know that!)! =)  He said he's definitely ahead of the pack in alertness, focusing his eyes, following sounds, responding to change and handling, etc.  We're so proud of our little man!

Here are his stats from today:
Length: 21.5 inches (he's grown an inch already!)
Weight: 9.0 pounds (birth weight was 9.2...dropped to 8lbs 12 oz by hospital release, so we're gaining great weight!)

We have another 2 week well check next Wednesday where they will run some blood work.  After that, if he's still gaining good weight, then Dr. Dalton said he wouldn't have to come back until it was time for his shots.  

We can't believe how in love we are with this little guy already!!!


martha said...

Isn't it so comforting to have them checked out and everything is growing and going like it should? you lose perspective the more sleep you lose :) I am over the moon happy for you guys. Reid is a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL boy and I know beautiful boys when I see 'em!!! Loving all the updates!!

Kylie said...

I've been catching up on the last couple of posts- looks like little Reid is doing great and you two are great parents!! Glad all is well!

Jenni said...

Holly, I couldn't be any happier for you! I will continue to pray for you guys!

Joy said...

Holly and Ben-

I am just now catching up on your amazing journey and excited to see your family so complete. What a great testimony you are sharing to God's great plans and provisions in our life!

Thanks for the fun blog and CONGRATS on your wonderful new addition!

joy forster carver

Danielle said...

Reid... you are already SO BIG! And reading this made me miss my wonderful doctors there... I think Dr. Dalton is in with Dr. Deitchman and we LOVED that practice! Anyway, I'm sure with Doc around you won't have to visit too often :)! Can't wait to hold that new little one soon!