Monday, February 2, 2009

Aunt Candice & Uncle Joey

Baby P had such a fun surprise this evening!!!  We received a HUGE box of sweet gifts from Aunt Candice and Uncle Joey... =)

Sorry about the picture quality here... but we LOVE ALL OF IT!!! (Especially the Columbia onesie and the 'Goodnight New York City' book!)

Aunt Candice and Uncle Joey are up in NYC where Joey has just begun his MBA at Columbia University - we are so proud of them, but miss them so much!  We are sad that you can't be here this week, and CANNOT WAIT for you to meet Baby P!

Thank you and we love you!


Molly said...

seriously...I felt my heart jump into my throat! I am so super excited about your cute package...but thought maybe another "package" came naturally this evening when I saw your blog had posted again!

Dave and Tara Harris said...

So cute! How funny, my mom bought Kate the "Goodnight Chicago" book (since I'm from Chicago) and I didn't know they made those books for every city!!! He'll love it!!!