Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reflecting on this week...

Ben and I both have been completely blown away this week...time and time God's ultimate provision and how His hand has been in every last detail of our journey.  I have been privately journaling about all of our adoption miracles, and folks... we are just floored!!! His  blessings have overflowed in some very unexpected ways - through our families... through our ways that we could have never even imagined.  Ben and I have learned some incredible truths this week about sacrifice, love, friendship, and faith.  Truths that we will never forget.  We thank you all...we love you greatly...and we will never have enough words to express our gratitude for your unfailing love and support.

Sweet Baby P will be home before we know it!  God is good ALL the time!


Molly said...

I truly wish everyone would adopt. There's just something about it that shows you Christ's love in a whole new way. For us, adoption has been so very spiritual. It changed us and taught us so much on top of becoming parents.

I am so glad you are seeing this too! I am so glad that you two know this is God that is orchestrating all of this, every last incredible detail, because of His deep love for you.

Thank you for being another positive light on the miracle of adoption. There are negative sides to every journey, but thank you for not focusing on these and giving undue attention to them.

We'll continue praying for everyone. We cannot tell you how excited we are for you. This is only the beginning of being blown away by God's blessings on your life. Hold on momma! It's an incredible ride!

Melodie said...

i found you through Molly's blog. and i have to say i am so excited for you guys! we were there only 8 short months ago and i remember it well. each detail of his little newborn face. a precious, precious time is right around the corner for you guys. i will be stopping in for updates!

Steve, Tracy, Wesley & Reeve said...

We love you guys and are THRILLED that you get to be parents soon! What an amazing experience it has been. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are going to be an AMAZING Mom and will know just what to do for this little one that God has entrusted you with! Praying for a healthy delivery and healthy little boy!