Friday, December 12, 2008

Who, Me?!?!

I received a very prestigious blog award this week (haha!)...

For the Honest Blog award, I would like to thank an old college friend of mine, Kylie...  And coming from one of the most down-to-earth, real people that I know...I really appreciate it! =)

Now...I am to post 10 honest things about myself.  Here we go...

1. I am the ultimate/extreme Type-A personality.  I know this as a fact about myself and have come to terms with it.  Hopefully you have, too.  =)  Sadly, Ben is the same way.  Often times, we feel like an overwhelming two-man show.  We're glad we found each other because I don't think anyone else could put up with either one of us.

2.  I'm a grocery store snob.  I absolutely loathe going to ruins my whole day.  I have to take about 3 big deep breaths before walking into that craziness.  But, alas...I always do.  I wish money were no object and that I could throw it around uselessly and do all of my grocery shopping at Central Market.  But, we haven't won the lottery yet.  Still holding out hope, though...ha!

3. I'm REALLY ready to meet Baby P.  SOON.  This whole "waiting" thing is no fun at all and is much more difficult than I ever imagined.

4.  Jill and I joined a gym earlier this year, and for a while I was GREAT about going to our classes every day.  Sadly, this is no longer the case.  I showed up there two days ago for my "regular" class, and the gym has been closed for over 2 weeks... apparently they're remodeling.   Ouch.  Guess I missed that memo.

5. I have a huge phobia of spiders and absolutely hate hearing that crunch when you smash/kill them.  To avoid that bit of awfulness, I simply put a cup over them so they don't get away and make Ben take care of the problem when he gets home.  

6.  I am very independent.  I'm not afraid to eat out, go to a movie, or travel alone.  Oddly, though...I am extremely social.  I keep up with a lot of people and thrive on it.  This contributes greatly to my Facebook and CrackSpace addictions.

7. Cars/Driving/Traffic = not my friends.  I refuse to put one of our church logo stickers on the back of my car due to the bad witness I most definitely could give someone while in a motor vehicle.  I hold the HIGHEST number of parking tickets ever issued to a single student at Baylor University (contributed to me graduating late).  I received an "excessive" speeding ticket while visiting some friends in MN this past summer...long story.  (The charge was later reduced after two court appearances and Ben's way of charming the 80 year old court secretary.)  And I have literally lost my car on not one, but two different occasions.  I won't even mention the number of wrecks I've been in.  ugg....  

8.  I am a night the extreme.  I would prefer to stay up all night, every night...and then sleep all day.  If you get an email from me at 2 or 3 in the morning, don't be surprised.

9.  This past year I've had to learn the very hard lesson of having true joy regardless of your circumstances.  It hasn't been easy, but on looking back, I am so very thankful for the journey that I've been on.  I've truly experienced God's grace, peace, and ultimate provision.  I wouldn't trade what I've learned and where I am for anything in the world.

10. I am "one of those" animal people.  I have two boys - Johnny and Fat Jack.  Fat Jack is a 5 year old cat who already weighs 23 pounds...and he's still growing.  He's well on his way to full-blown diabetes.   We've tried every animal diet the vet has to offer... even tried the "South Beach Kitty Diet"...whatever that is.  Nothing has worked.   And I love the little guy so much that I'm going to be that crazy person who gives him insulin shots...EVERY DAY.  What can I say...

Tada - that's me in all my glory... or ugly details... whatever you prefer =)

HONEST BLOG AWARD is now awarded to:
Kelli, Heather, and Sandi - They are three of my funniest blogging friends, and I just know that their top 10 honest lists will be hilarious to read.  
Candace - she's such a dear friend of mine who is also a brand new mommy...I love hearing her first time mom experiences.
Tracy & Diane - what precious, honest friends to me!
Bethany & Amanda - two women that I did not know very well before Ben and I began the adoption process...but that I feel deeply bonded to now.
And, last but not least... Sundey - I love her take on everything...she tells it like it is =)

1. Post 10 honest things about yourself along with the award picture.
2. Tag at least 5 other honest bloggers that you know as well as me.
3. Have fun! least this gives us a good blog topic, right???


Natalie Gary said...

Hey Holly-

I can relate to so much of your personality! I am so type A...I am also a MAJOR nightowl...going to bed early is depressing to me.

I too love animals but am so allergic to thats out!

Hope you are doing good and its so funny you are friends with Jill. I have known her for a long time.

Take Care,
Natalie Gary

Kelli said...

Ok, I totally cup spiders, bugs or anything that moves. Bill finds it most annoying! Have you ever gone back to the cup to have hubby remove it and it was gone? This has happened several times to me! Thanks for giving me an award too! This will require much thought to come up with 10 things that I haven't already divulged about my crazy self! Have a fab weekend friend!

Sundey said...

Tells it like it is? LOL! Man, maybe I need to censor myself a little more...I think I used to have more couth when I was in regular contact with adults.

Thanks for the major award! And for the record, this blog deserves an actual award. It's really cool.

Amanda said...

Sigh. OK, I'm done. Thanks for the prestigious honor. :)

Sarah said...

Ok #7 has left me laughing so hard my eyes watered! I love it! I had my church sticker on the back window of my car for about a week before having to scrape it off... I STILL feel guilty about it! (So silly!)

Anonymous said...

You probably don't remember me...but your dad was my doctor in OKC. My name is Macy (Krupicka) Richardson. My mom got your parents Christmas card and read about your desire to adopt. We have actually adopted 3 children domestically. If you would like any of the information that we have I would be happy to talk with you. Our oldest is 7 years old, and then we have a 22month old and a 12 month old. They all have neat stories as to how God place them in our family. We did not use the internet as our source for finding our babies and would be happy to share our resources. We know exactly what you are going through and would love to provide some encouragement. E-mail me at if you are interested in talking.