Thursday, September 4, 2008


Hello to all three (maybe four) of my faithful blog readers...  Yes, that means case you're still wondering, that's my mom, my sis, my friend Kym who reminded me that I haven't posted all week, and my boss, John, who would win a blogging emmy (if there was such a thing) for  "the most blogs any one person could possibly post in a single week."   Seriously, he's kicking my butt.  And, yes, we've turned this into a competition.  Anyway, love you guys and so sorry I've been M.I.A. in blogworld...but it has been a very busy (and very eventful) week.  

By now you've surely caught on to my fondness for lists, so here is a highlight from each day this past week that I missed blogging:

Friday, August 29th - If you've known Ben and I for long (or even if you've known us only a short time), you've come to realize that a weekend isn't truly a weekend for us until we make it to Coal Vines (our fav!).  Is it a sign that you go somewhere too much when the waiters/waitresses/managers are on a first name basis with you and all of your friends?  We didn't think so, either.  When it comes to Coal Vines there's no such thing as too much.  And Friday evening we were joined by two of our great friends, Michael & Tiffany McDaniel...we always have so much fun with you two (and can't wait until you two become three)!

Saturday, August 30th - My Father-in-Law's Birthday (we're celebrating this coming Friday)...and Candace's Birthday Celebration!!!  And, boy, did we celebrate...well, as much as her preggo self could, anyway!  Jill, Shaun, Grant, Jayme, and I all took her out to a great dinner at Mi Concina...then we headed out to Club Dada to hear her husband, Josiah, play with Tim Miller.  Wow...they're great...check them out if you ever get the chance!  Fun night filled with great memories... (And by the way, Candace and I have YET to take a decent picture together...our faces really aren't that wide...)

Sunday, August 31st - Keystone Church (always)...a great cheeseburger with our Sunday lunch crew...and hanging with my Mom.  My parents truly are two of my best friends and I love spending time and talking with them.

Monday, September 1st - LABOR DAY!!!  Isn't the day off a highlight for everyone???  ...and, Ben finally came home after a weekend at the lake with the boys.  I missed him =)

Tuesday, September 2nd (A) - We had the great pleasure of spending the evening with our dear friends Steve & Tracy Preskenis.  As Ben describes them..."they're just good people."  We love you guys and always treasure our fun times together (especially now that we're neighbors)!

Tuesday, September 2nd (B) - Ahem...wait for it...  It was the night I have been unashamedly looking forward to for, I don't know...maybe the last 15 years or so...  That's right...90210 is back, baby!  And I felt like I was 13 years old again throughout the entire 2-hour season premier.  Not that it was outstanding television by any stretch of the imagination...but it was more of a flashback to those junior high slumber party nights when you and all of your friends wanted to date Dylan McKay.  It was greatness.  I was thoroughly entertained although a bit disturbed that Nat was STILL working at the Peach Pitt.  Hmmm...

Wednesday, September 3rd - Ben and I had the honor of hosting our Keystone worship team for dinner and vision casting at our house.  What an incredibly refreshing time filled with fellowship and worship!  I so admire Brian (our worship leader) and the rest of the Keystone staff who remind us about our purpose, that we're singing and playing for an audience of only One, and to "hold loosely"...  It was a great night and we were privileged to have you all in our home.

Thursday, September 4th - (Pictured: Karel, Donnine, Malcolm, and the side of my head as I'm texting on my iphone.) Last, but definitely not least... Today our WeAreTeachers team had the opportunity to FINALLY meet face-to-face with Karel Baloun.  For the past several months, our team has been working with Karel via video chat, skype, you name it...on a new Facebook application called "I Am Teacher."  It's VERY exciting for us and we had a great day that generated some even greater ideas...I can't wait!  If you have a Facebook account, definitely check it out and send us your feedback...

Well...that's it for my week-o'-highlights...  This weekend is sure to bring more fun as we're celebrating a birthday with Ben's dad tomorrow night...I'm sure I'll take plenty of pictures and fill in my faithful blogworld readers soon...goodnight!


David Toledo said...

I read your blog faithfully! So add another person to your list. :)

Sarah said...

Aww man! Someone beat me to the 'add me to the list' comment. Anyway, I LOVE your lists... as a fellow listmaker... it makes the reading of your blog extra fun! Have a great weekend!