Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A post for my fellow tech nerds...

Had a couple of cool sites/web tools I wanted to share to help you waste a little bit of time today...

1.) I know that I've mentioned my favorite music site, Pandora, several times already on this blog...  But there is another music site I'm starting to like as well... Musicovery.  Basically, it's an interactive web radio site where you choose your mood and the genre of music you want to hear, and then it streams the music that fits those criteria...pretty cool!  

2. ) For all you online shopping enthusiasts...check out Commuto.  

It's a new social swapping site...similar to a Craigslist.  Find goods you want at Commuto and set up in-person sales (should money be requested) or face-to-face swaps with the member who's offering what you want. Commuto offers a large database of items to choose from, and it will match up the UPC symbol or ISBN with the title of the product if it can locate it. You can also create a wishlist for prospective swappers. Like Craigslist, Commuto takes no commissions. Currently, Commuto is in beta with small but growing communities, and it looks promising, especially if the sheer size of Craigslist is overwhelming.

3.) And finally...did you know that there is now a TiVo for Internet Video???  It's called Miro and is perfect for summer when there's absolutely nothing new on television (except the Olympics, of course).  Miro is a free internet video player that will automatically download online videos via RSS feed or will play almost any format you can think of...and it keeps track of what you've watched, what's new, and what's queued up for you.  

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