Monday, April 23, 2012


One of the hugest blessings for our family since moving to Little Rock is our amazing Community Group. Seriously. These people and their families have been a God-send. Our group consists of seven families - The Penick's, The Martin's, The Darby's, The Lanaux's, The Garner's, The Collins', and us. We love them all!

The best part about our CG is that we all have genuine fun together - even the kids! (All 14 of them!) Last night, the Lanaux's hosted a big Shrimp & Grits and crab boil at their home to celebrate Jan's birthday.  What a fun night!  Here are a few pics...

Amazingly, the 14 kids got along and played GREAT all night long!

Here's Tate singing Happy Birthday to his Mom - Happy birthday, Jan!

Reid and Miley (I think they are holding hands while watching Toy Story!)

Carson, Crosby, & Reid 

If you can't tell, they had a BLAST! 

Buddies! Reid, Cole-Cole, and Crosby 

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