Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Random Happenings

My apologies for being absent from the blogosphere since our Christmas updates... we've been quite busy around here with a certain little 3 year old! What have we been doing, you might ask? Well... playing hard, of course! Here are a few random pictures from our daily life that I took off of my iphone...

The streets of Little Rock will never be the same! Reid with his two buddies, Avery & Owen... they have a blast riding their new 4-wheelers together!

We love having our friend, Carson, spend the night! Sweet friends =)

Boys night!

Reid and his little buddy, Cole-Cole, having a blast at Larry's Pizza

Oh... and the birthday parties... we do LOTS of birthday parties! Here's Owen's 3rd Bday party at Chuck E. Cheese!

Someone has to be JUST LIKE Daddy...

Love this picture of my two men!

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