Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finally caught up! Whoop!

It feels so good to finally be caught up on the blog again! I'm going to try my best to post every week and not get that far behind again. So... here are a few pics from these last two weeks... They have been busy ones! Grandma and Pops came in for a visit... then KK came in... we've had 3 birthday parties, a sleep over, and LOTS of fun. Here they are...

Our handsome little grown up!

Having a great time at his buddy, Carson Darby's, birthday party!

Carson's Birthday

Reid & Cole

Have I mentioned this kid LOVES "sketti noodles"???

Had a quick visit home to DFW this summer and got to see lots of our friends - here's Reid and Keagan =)

We do a babysitting co-op with several friends here in Little Rock - the kids LOVE it, and it gives us adults some free babysitting for nights out as well! Last weekend was our night to keep the kids... we had 5 (Alex & Kylie - the girls)... then these 3 boys - best buddies! (Reid, Cole, and Carson.) Here they all are getting ready for bed - it's too cute!

Benjamin and I on a date night - love him.

Enjoying some cake at Avery's birthday party... Reid loves him some Jump Zone!

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