Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Favorite Things

While we have truly loved living in Little Rock these last few months, that doesn't mean that there haven't been bittersweet moments when we miss all of our wonderful friends and family back in Texas. We are so grateful for how smooth our transition has been and for the great friends we have already met here in Arkansas. Here are a few of Reid's FAVORITE THINGS since moving to Little Rock this spring:

I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don't feel so bad...

1. The Penguins (Little Rock Zoo) -
Reid LOVES the penguins. We bought family passes to the LR Zoo because we go so often, and the Penguins are the first exhibit Reid rushes to see. He always asks, "Hold penguins, Mommy?... Kiss penguins? PLEASE??!?" Haha!

Here he is with one of his best little buddies, Cole, and Cole's big sister, Kylie.

2. Downtown Splash Pad at Riverfront Park -
Once the weather started warming up this spring, we discovered the Riverfront park in downtown Little Rock. It's perfect for kids of all ages! There is a huge splash pad, playgrounds, and plenty of tunnels for exploring.

These are just a few pics of Reid with his friends, Lilly and Miles. Unfortunately, these aren't good pics of the park... the kids are just playing in a puddle...ha!

3. Suckers (Packages from KK and Doc) -
About every other week or so, Reid gets a package in the mail from KK and Doc that has SUCKERS... we LOVE suckers! And Reid always loves getting things in the mail!

4. Lunch at Daddy's Office -
Reid loves his Daddy so very much! I'm so thankful for their sweet bond...

5. Building "Towers" -
We might have an engineer on our hands, folks... Reid will spend HOURS playing with his blocks and train tracks building (what I think are) elaborate towers for a two year old...

(it's hard getting him to pose for the camera these days.. ha!)

6. The iPad -
Reid calls it "My iPad" and knows how to use it better than Mommy and Daddy! Here he is surfing YouTube for more Thomas the Train videos...

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