Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Our family had such a wonderful Easter this year, but (as you will see from this blog post) I HAVE GOT to make a better effort at taking pictures. Easter made me realize how much I miss my sister (Aunt NeeNee) because she always did such a wonderful job with photography... I never even had to take my camera when she was around! At the end of the day when all the festivities were over, I realized I didn't even get a pic of Reider and his Easter basket... ugg. EPIC FAIL. Oh well, I suppose there's always next year... Here are the few pics that I did get, so enjoy!

Handome little man in his Easter clothes

(And yes, Neely would have gotten a MUCH better pic)

Since we didn't go home to DFW for Easter, we had our first ever ORPHAN EASTER here in Little Rock at our house. (Orphan Easter meaning that none of us had in family in town, so we all got together). We were joined by some dear, old friends - the Henry's. And also by some brand new friends - the Meinhart's. We had a great day just eating, hanging out, letting the kids play, and even having an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

Here's the adult table =) (The kids all ate outside)

With my two handsome men - oh, how I love these two!

The Meinhart's - Mark, Kasey, Lilly, and Miles

The Henry's - Patrick, Sarah, Max, and Molly

All comparing their candy after the egg hunt

I think Reid was asking Molly out =)

Max and Lilly

And yes... after a few hours outside, it definitely turned into an Arkansas Easter. Reid began shedding clothes and was completely covered in sand and dirt. And LOVING his candy!

And here is our tired baby boy... It was only 5:30pm and he was out for the night!

Again, I'm just sick that I didn't get more pictures... I promise to do better so hang in there with me! =)

Hope you and and your families enjoyed the Easter holiday as much as we did - we are so grateful for a Saviour who loved us enough to bear the cross then rise again! HE LIVES!

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