Monday, April 4, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas The Train

For Reid's 2nd birthday, his Doc and KK got him tickets for "A Day Out With Thomas The Train". So this past Saturday our whole fam headed out for the fun-filled day. Thomas is Reid's very favorite thing right now, so to say he was beside himself would be an understatement. We had so much fun!

My little family

Reid even had fun on the shuttle bus from the parking lot over to the Thomas train park!

His least favorite part of the day = the petting zoo. Reid still thinks they are "yuck!"... (Oh! And he busted is mouth/nose earlier on Saturday morning... hence the lovely scrapes under the nose. Poor baby!)

"Come on, Mom and Dad! I want to see Thomas!"

Reid was telling his Dad the names of all the trains =)

So excited!

Before the train ride, we spent a lot of time looking at the model train village... Reid LOVED it!

With my Mom (KK) and Aunt Neely ("NeeNee")... Side note: It was also Neely's 25th birthday! She had always wanted to ride a Thomas the Train... haha!

Reid with Uncle Craig and Doc

All the guys

And here's Thomas!

We got to ride in the very first car behind Thomas

Safe to say that Reider LOVED the train ride!

Checking out the wheels and tracks below

Getting ready to leave the station! (Grandma and Pops were taking pictures outside the train)

Inside the train

Sweet boy

Looking out the window with my little guy

Love this!

My favorite picture!

Laughing with Doc

Serious talks with KK

After our Thomas Adventures... we went to dinner at Fireside Pies for Aunt Neely's birthday. Later that evening we headed over to KK and Doc's to eat her "Happy Cake", as Reider calls it...

Reid had a blast with all of the family the whole night!

Yes.... we've learned to take off our clothes. Aunt Neely said these will show up again at high school graduation or something =)

Handsome little guy!

Wrestling with Uncle Craig

Now it's Doc's turn!

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