Wednesday, March 30, 2011

STILL ALIVE (in Arkansas)!

Yes... yes... yes... we are still alive and kicking! And we are now residents of Little Rock, Arkansas =) To say this last month has been completely overwhelming and crazy would be an understatement. We have moved an entire household to another state... sold a house... bought house... completely remodeled a house (kitchen just finished TODAY!)... have rented and moved into a new office space for Ben... have desperately tried to feel settled... have gone on vacation to Orlando... have been staying busy with a VERY active 2 year old... have found a new church... have met some sweet new friends... have reconnected with great old friends... and are trying to carve out our new life here in West Little Rock. Whew! And I'm tired all over again. Too tired to post much tonight... BUT... the posts are coming people!

Here's what to expect in the very near future:
1. Before, Remodel, and After pics of our new AR house
2. Misc pics of the most handsome angel baby EVER
3. Pictures from our vacation to Orlando, FL
4. And a glipse into our daily lives (thus far) in Little Rock... there are definitely some funny stories. Mainly about my yard people.

But since none of those posts are going up tonight... here's a little video of our happy baby boy (the real reason you all read this blog anyway!). These two completely crack me up!

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