Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gaylord ICE 2010

Last week we had a fun outing with KK, Jayme, Isabella, and GiGi (Isabella's Grandma)... we ventured out to Gaylord ICE! It was a Charlie Brown theme this year and was really beautiful!

Here's Reider and I in our ICE coats before going inside - he only threw a small fit when we put it on him =)

Reid and KK

With Jayme and Isabella (sorry for the blurry pic!)

And then we went inside... this next picture pretty much sums up Reid's thoughts on the whole experience...

He was TERRIFIED... safe to say Reider was not a fan this year. Oh well. Maybe next year!

Here we are running him through the exhibit to get to the end...

But, all is well that ends well... To calm him down, we promised he could buy a choo-choo at the end. KK's a sucker and he ended up with a choo-choo plus a car and a bus. Fun times! =)

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