Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Fun

Per Reid's request in the previous post... we had a little impromptu BBQ at our house for some of his friends (and ours!) over the weekend... We had a great time with the Reneau's, McDaniel's, Hand's, and Higgins'!

Here's Reid, Adalyn, Brielle, and Isabella playing on the slide - I can't believe how big all of our "babies" are getting! I love that they are all growing up together!

And Brielle was kind enough to bring over her bounce house - it's always a huge hit with this crew!

After a big evening of playing outside, BBQ, popsicles, etc... we had some kiddos in much need of a bath...

For some reason, Jill just wasn't quite ready to throw baby Harper into the crazy mix... ;) It won't be long!

With my love...

Pic of the girls... Myself, Cupcake, Jayme, and Tiff...(Jill had already taken Harper home)... Sorry... I didn't get a pic of any of the guys!

My child could entertain himself for hours with the water hose...

Love this little guy with all my heart!

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