Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Fun

We have had such a blast this summer with Reider! He is such a water baby (and already "thinks" he can swim on his own), so we spend much of our time in the pool. Here are a few random pics from throughout the summer...

Reid LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside!

Every boy should know how to drink out of a water hose... right??

Pool time

This was at a japanese restaurant for my mother-in-laws bday... Reid was completely fascinated by our dinner being cooked right there at the table.

Sweet baby blowing bubbles... he even says "blow bubbles" =)

Also trying to teach him to float on his back... he still needs help with that one!

So happy!

NRH2O and Chislom Park splash parks are two of his favorites!

With one of his best buds, Keagan DeLaPorte...

When Reider is not outside or in the pool... he would prefer to play his games on the iPhone... ALL. THE. TIME. Smart baby!

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Shae said...

So sweet! He is SO HANDSOME! I know this is crazy - but he looks like you!