Thursday, December 3, 2009

10 Months Old!

Here are a few pictures of our big 10-month old... love this little man with all of our heart!!!


Anthony and Sharon said...

Hi Holly! I got to your blog from the Shockley's. Your little man is so adorable! Happy 10 months:)

My husband and I have an adopted baby boy as well and a blog about our adoption story... I was wondering if I could link your blog to mine? The goal of my blog is to encourage Christian families to the more encouragement the merrier!

Feel free to visit our adoption blog and let me know through a comment (I approve comments before they're published so if you don't want me to link yours then no worries, your comment won't be published)... thanks so much!

~Sharon Rivers

Danielle said...

He is SO precious! Seriously, God is going to use that little man for something BIG in life... you can tell from the sparkle in his eyes :)! Hope all is well!

Sally said...

wow!! he is a-growin so fast!! What a sweetie!! i cannot believe he's 10 months already!

Anonymous said...

Hey Holly! Remember me?! :-)
I was reading your adoption story today and I cried so many happy tears! What an amazing story of God's love and faithfulness. Reid is so precious and I am so happy for you! You have done a great job of sharing your journey and I pray that others will see this great need. Take care.
Ashley Lightner from Arkansas