Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reid's First Halloween

I can't even describe the added joy and fun that kids bring to holidays like Halloween - we had an absolute blast with our little guy yesterday!

As you can see below, Reider was a Dallas Cowboy - and a very cute one, I might add!  (Can you tell that his Dad picked out his costume? ha!)

Here's Reid doing his best Eli Manning impression...

Reider and I before his very first costume party

With his Dad =)

We had 3 different Halloween stops yesterday - busy, busy!  Our first, was sweet Adalyn Love's 1st birthday party.  We all had a blast!  It was a costume party for all of the kids - and Candace and Josiah did a fabulous job putting it all together.  There was a professional photographer taking pictures, incredible food, fun, and even more incredible cake.  

Here's a pick of Reid with Cade and the birthday pumpkin, Adalyn:

Hanging outside with Mom...

Reid & I, Adalyn & Candace, Isabella & Jayme - such special friends!!!

Our little family...Reid was definitely more into his football than smiling for the camera =)

Myself & Reider, Tiffany & Brielle, Jayme & Isabella - love you all!

And, yes...we did attempt some group pictures with all of the kids...that was quite a task!  I don't think we got a single picture with them all looking the same direction...=)

The funniest part was watching all of the parents trying to make their kid smile...

Such a happy boy! (I think this was when Candace pulled out the puffs...puffs = crack for babies)

The AMAZING Halloween cupcakes!  (I only had a few...haha)

After all of the costume party fun...we ran Reid home so that he could take a quick nap, then we were off to the Harwood Terrace Fall Festival with Grandma and Grandpa:

And Uncle Jeff who came home from Baylor for the weekend!

Reid had a great time meeting all of Grandma and Grandpa's friends...and then he found the leggos...

And the cars... (the boy LOVES anything with wheels!)

And for our final stop of the day, we headed over to Doc & KK's where Aunt Neely and Uncle Craig were having a party.  Here's a pic of Reider with his Doc and KK (so sad I didn't get one with Aunt Neely & Uncle Craig!)... As you can see, he had one of his cars and was not at all interested in anything else...

It was such a great Halloween!  We made so many fun family memories and are already looking forward to taking Reid trick-or-treating with all of his little buddies for the first time next year!

In other news... A lot of you read my tweet about our sweet friends whose adoption of baby Isaac fell through about two weeks ago.  (He was taken from them after several days because the birthparents changed their minds.)  Thank you so much for all of your prayers - I know they were truly felt.  In what seemed like a hopeless situation, God once again has made beauty from ashes... why does that never cease to amaze me??  Yesterday morning, Dave and Bethany got the best call of their life... the birthparents changed their minds (again) for the final time!  They had the great honor of brining Isaac David home FOREVER last night!  Praise the Lord!  It truly is a miraculous story and one that they are excited to share!  You can check out their blog for more details (

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Christian Family said...

Hey girl...just wondering if you think the Rinn's would add me to their blog list? I know i have met her through you and Mary...but I am not sure if she remembers me. Would LOVE to keep up with their sweet family!!!