Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thank you for the prayers!

We truly appreciate all of the prayers, emails, and texts we received this morning regarding Reid's ultrasound appointment to check out his spine.  Good news!!!  We are, of course, waiting on final confirmation from the radiologist... but the radiology tech said that everything looked perfectly normal... our sweet baby just has a hairy little back! =)

Reid did great during the appointment and thoroughly enjoyed flirting with the radiology tech!  She had him laying on his stomach to take pictures of his back, and he'd push himself up...swing his head around to try to see her...and smile.  Too cute!  

Here's our little man after his appointment...all of that "fun" wore him out!

Praising the Lord for a healthy, happy baby!!!


Jamie said...

Yea!!! We are thrilled all is well.

The McClendons said...

So glad everything was fine. You have to have nerves of steel to be a Mommy. This time last year Anderson was being checked for a brain tumor and I could hardly hold it together. With little boys, between health scares and climbing/running/wrestling/random injuries, you will do your fair share of praying.

And I'm sure someone already told you this but warm wash clothes are great for soothing shot legs.

Hang in there!

Molly said...

Thank you Lord!

Thanks for the update!

I love the pic of him napping on his belly! All my kids are belly sleepers...all the time though! Yikes!

martha said...

SO glad everything checked out fine...bless his heart, and yours too...nothing like anxiety to fully induct you into motherhood...he is so beautiful...sweet baby!

EstherRD said...

Awesome report! That is a great answer to prayers!

Christian Family said...