Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 10, 2009 - Welcome Isabella Renee Higgins!!!

Well...Friday morning started of with a BANG...bright and early!!! =)  Reid and I got up about 6am because we were planning on making the short trek down to Waco to meet up with a group of my college girlfriends and all of our kiddos.  Here's a cute pic of Reid all decked out in his Baylor gear...ready to take pics in front of the Bear Pit!

Right as I was finishing feeding Reid, we got a message from one of our best friends, Jayme Higgins, that her water had broken and she was at the hospital going into labor with sweet Isabella Renee (4 weeks early!).  Unfortunately, Jayme's husband Grant is a pilot and was out on a trip...and her mom, Gina, wasn't planning on coming in until the 20th of April from California.  Jayme was so calm, though!  She had driven herself to the hospital to get checked out and Jill and Shaun helped her get everything up to her room.  Needless to say, mine and the Reidster's plans changed very quickly!  We were so excited to meet sweet Isabella and immediately headed to the hospital to sit with Jayme in labor & delivery until her husband and Mom could get there.

Per Jayme's request, I didn't post any pictures of her on the blog (even though she looked beautiful as always!)... but here's a pic of Jill and I in labor and delivery VERY early that morning... =)

And my sweet boy, Reid, was a complete angel baby as always!  He obviously had to stay in the room with us, but didn't fuss or cry the entire morning while Jayme was in labor.  He must have known he had a little friend on the way! =)

Here he is getting his mid-morning meal in L&D...

He even took a few GREAT naps while we were in there =)

Thankfully, both Grant and Gina made it into town very quickly (they were both at the hospital by lunch time)... and Jayme was doing wonderfully!  Once they were both able to be in the room with Jayme, her labor picked up pretty quickly and Jill, Reid, and I moved out to the waiting room to join everyone else.

Here's a picture of Reid hamming it up in the waiting room with Daddy... (The day had turned to evening and Reid was already in his pj's)...

And the evening turned to night while we were still waiting to hear about sweet Isabella...  I loved this's Reid's impatient face...wanting to meet his new girlfriend =)

Finally, after a very long and difficult delivery... beautiful Isabella Renee was born at 7:58pm!!!  Both Jayme and Isabella did WONDERFULLY!!!  Even though Isabella was 4 weeks early... she weighed in at 7lbs 6ounces and was 20 inches long!

Here's a pic of me with this beautiful baby girl from this morning...

And here's the first pic of Reid and Isabella together... (They both definitely slept through their first meeting!)...

We are so thankful that Isabella arrived safe and healthy and couldn't be happier for the Higgins Family...we love you guys!!!


Sally said...

Thank you so much for posting the pictures of Isabella! I've just been dying waiting to see her! She is so beautiful. So thankful you all could be there for Jayme and Grant! Give Isabella a big kiss and hug from her Aunt Sally and tell her I can't wait to meet her!!!!

Dave and Tara Harris said...

Oh how exciting!! Were you supposed to meet Krisit Easterly??? I just celebrated Easter with them and Jessie and we were talking about Friday's trip to Baylor!!! All the pictures from Waco looked like sooo much fun, and SOOOO many little ones!!! haha What a neat story that you were with your friends during her labor!!! What a great friend!