Sunday, March 1, 2009

That Million Dollar Smile!!!

I FINALLY caught Reid's sweet smile on camera (even though it's only a half smile!)... just melts our hearts every time we see it...can't contain all of the love and joy this little man brings!!!

We had a great but busy weekend!  Friday night and Saturday were spent working hard on Reid's nursery and bathroom - it's looking so cute...I love it!!!  We still have a few more things we're waiting on before it's finished... once we get those in, then I'll be sure to post lots of pictures. =)

We also got to spend a lot of time with our families...  Uncle Jeff came into town this weekend and it was so much fun seeing him on Saturday night!!!  (Sorry about the's a few weeks old...)

And then (soon-to-be) Uncle Craig was in town as well and finally got to meet the little dude!  

What you can't see in that picture above, is that Craig was actually being pooped on at that exact moment... what a way to initiate him, Reid!  Ha!!

And I love pictures of our sweet, sleeping baby...can't get enough of them...

I also have to say that I have the greatest husband and Reid has the greatest father in the world!!  I woke up Saturday, and Ben told me to take the morning/afternoon to go do whatever I wanted to do.  The two men were going to just chill and have a Daddy & Reid day =)  It felt so great getting out and about!  (Reid is still too young to take many places in the height of flu season).  I went to the mall, ran errands, Hobby Lobby, and even got to go to Saturday evening church which I have greatly missed!  I have to say, though...that I missed that little boy so much just for those few short hours... how he has blessed our lives!


Molly said...

Oh how I love these pics! I am wondering if the poop actually got on his uncle or was if he was just pooping while being held??? We actually pee soaked a few friends before we really figured out how to diaper the fella! Oops!

Can't wait to see that sweet nursery! I am the same way about leaving the's so nice to be able to get some stuff done, but I feel so weird without them! Sometimes I even miss them when they sleep!

Steve, Tracy, Wesley & Reeve said...

I remember the first time I got out of the house by myself after Wesley was born. It was so nice to have the break, but I missed my little guy so much!! It felt weird to be away from him! Love the new pictures and can't wait to see the nursery!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet hubby! Reid is getting so big and so cute!! LOVE the videos!